Girl Adventurers

Not to be confused with her close cousin, the Girl Detective, the Girl Adventurer is distinguished by the fact that her primary motivation is not the detection of crime. Though she often finds herself swept up in mysterious events and is often a leading figure in the capture of a criminal, she does not think of herself as a detective or wish to be viewed as a private investigator. Her adventures tend to involve political unrest, strange artifacts and powerful (some might say super) villains. She is often plagued by the same villain (or syndicate of villains) over a period of time. She may have companions on her adventures, friends or family, but she is the clear protaganist.


  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)
  2. Through the Looking-Glass, and what Alice found there (1871)

Series Status: Complete

Fyrdraaca, Flora

  1. Flora Segunda: Being the Magickal Mishaps of a Girl of Spirit, Her Glass-Gazing Sidekick, Two Ominous Butlers (One Blue), a House with Eleven Thousand Rooms, and a Red Dog (2007)
  2. Flora’s Dare: How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom (Despite Being Confined to Her Room) (2008)

Series Status: Ongoing

Gale, Dorothy

  1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)
  2. Ozma of Oz (1907)
  3. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (1908)
  4. The Road to Oz (1909)
  5. The Emerald City of Oz (1910)
  6. The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913)
  7. Tik-Tok of Oz (1914)
  8. The Scarecrow of Oz (1915)
  9. Rinkitink in Oz (1916)
  10. The Lost Princess of Oz (1917)
  11. The Tin Woodman of Oz (1918)
  12. The Magic of Oz (1919)
  13. Glinda of Oz (1920)

Series Status: Complete (more or less)

Grimm, Daphnie and Sabrina

  1. The Fairy-Tale Detectives
  2. The Unusual Suspects
  3. The Problem Child
  4. Once Upon a Crime
  5. Magic and Other Misdemeanors
  6. Tales from the Hood
  7. The Everafter War

Series Status: Ongoing

Holly, Vesper

  1. The Illyrian Adventure (1987)
  2. The El Dorado Adventure (1987)
  3. The Drackenberg Adventure (1988)
  4. The Jedera Adventure (1989)
  5. The Philadelphia Adventure (1990)
  6. The Xanadu Adventure (2005)

Series Status: Complete (Lloyd Alexander, RIP)