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Test Test Test - 11:15AM, 2002/02/27

We are -still- doing testing at work. We’ve been doing it since last Thursday, so I, and everyone else here, have been able to get hardly anything of our own done at all. We keep having to constantly reboot our computers and reinstall the program they’re testing. Then we do the test, which takes about 20 minutes. Then we wait while they hurry back and make some minor modifications. We can’t start anything, because they say they’ll be back “in 5 or 10 minutes” and to get started and find our concentration would be pointless… but yesterday, that “5 or 10 minutes” at one point stretched to an hour and a half. I seriously considered calling in today, just because I am so sick of this. But I wasn’t positive they weren’t finished so I came in. But they’re not done and so here I am, wasting time and blogging when I could be doing something useful — except as soon as I open my work up again, they’ll reappear and make me reboot my computer.

Have been playing off and on the HHGG Infocom game which I found the other day. Thus far I think I’ve managed to get the max points for getting off of the Earth and into the Vogon ship, but while I’ve managed to survive the Vogon ship and get to the Heart of Gold, I think I’m still missing a few things on the ship.

See, the ship bit you only get a certain number of turns — first you’re in the hold where you must manage to get a babel fish before the Vogon Captain finds you and hauls you off to listen to his poetry. Then you’re brought back to the hold for 5-10 turns, and at that point, I think you’re supposed to get another item, but I haven’t managed to get it yet. They always shove me into the Airlock before I manage it.

And I’m still not clear on what to do on the HoG either, but I have an idea about it.

I’m thinking I may download the actual gamefile and try to find an interpreter. Unfortunately, the java version on the site doesn’t allow you to save, and I’m really getting sick of dealing with the bulldozer over and over again. ^_^

For anyone interested, A Salmon of Doubt and Diplomatic Immunity are both up for pre-order on amazon now.