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Sick - 5:56PM, 2002/03/29

Blah. I do have several things to post about, but I am sick and thus not really in the mood to think.

So I’ll just talk about the things which don’t require thinking. I’ve seen two movies in the theatre recently, _Kissing Jessica Stein_ and _The Rookie_. I thought they were both okay. I am, however, an admittedly easy audience. Now, some people disliked KJS because it was obvious how it was going to end — she didn’t get the girl — but given the way her character developed, I think to have done anything else would have been completely OOC. And even though there were hints of something else happening at the end, it didn’t actually /happen/. So, it wasn’t bad.

The Rookie was also good. I was a little surprised, because the story had a lot of potential to be incredibly hokey and overbearing in its ‘wow, isn’t this a miracle’-ness. But they actually took the screen time to develop some of the minor characters, to show why this was not an easy thing to do. I was pleased with the way it turned out. Plus, I got to see it for free because E got promo tickets. You can’t beat the price.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to go visit mom for pretendEaster dinner (she works Sunday, and my brothers are going to a basketball game), but I feel lousy at the moment, so will maybe stay home. Bleah.