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Too Much To Do - 10:53PM, 2003/11/03

* NaNoWriMo count: I’m guessing ~1000. It’s all written on paper in longhand, so I don’t have an actual number yet.
* Short story: 10% written
* Homework: ughhh
* Project proposal: double ughhh

And let’s not even get in to the other things that have fallen by the wayside…

In happier news, our downstairs bathroom now has a light fixture and will shortly have cabinets, a towel bar and (oooOOOOOOooooOOo) a toilet paper holder!

And mom brought over the chairs we bought in August and they look very nice. I just need to find the time to locate appropriate cushions, or locate appropriate cloth to make the cushions out of. Since I got rid of my sewing machine during the move from MN -> NH, if it turns out to be the latter I’ll need to wait until Christmas probably (or maybe Thanksgiving) and go over and borrow mom’s for a couple hours.

Moving on to other random topics, I <3 the new live action Sailormoon. It’s very very amusing. I’ll probably have more to say about that later.