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Friday, September 09, 2005

00:58 ^ make some suds

Though, before I go, I feel the need to comment on this post. (The owner of the LJ is an author from New Orleans, though I can't speak for her books as I've never read them.)

Specifically this part:
n other news, I finally got some new underwear so I could quit washing the old ones every damn day, but I thought I was buying my size and they turned out to be VAST HUGE SCARY GRANNY PANTIES.

THIS IS SO TRUE. I have totally done this. Why in the hell does underwear not go by dress and pant sizes?! Instead it goes by halves. Why?! What purpose does this serve?

00:55 ^ make some suds

Two Months

I can't believe it's been two whole months since I posted here. I should do some catching up, since a lot has happened, but I'm too tired right now.

I will, however, manage to do that over the weekend.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

18:45 ^ make some suds

The world is ending...

Mom admitted to me today that she likes diet Pepsi.

18:45 ^ make some suds

And let the drama begin!

A certain PernMUSH upon which I am a wizard has had ongoing activity problems for at least the past 6 months. Most evenings there is a maximum of one player logged in during what are, for most games, the prime RP hours.

This is not good. When a game becomes moribund like that, you have three choices: 1) Let it live on as a lifeless corpse until eventually the apocalypse occurs and we are all dead, 2) Close the game, 3) Try something to reanimate things.

The wizards talked, and though we all felt that 2 might be the kindest option, decided to offer 3 to the players. So we told them: there aren't enough people on the game to support two Weyrs. We'd like to close both the old weyrs and open a new one. We'll be taking applications for a new Weyrwoman to run that weyr as soon as we've decided what it was.

A poll was taken, a weyr was decided upon, and people were told that applications were available.

And then we waited for the application requests to appear. And waited. And waited some more.

We got a grand total of ONE person who actually wanted the application. ONE.

Now, we could have continued with the farce and let her fill it out, then decided if she was the right person to try this. But I know from experience that one active person cannot do something like this. The minimum critical mass is 3-5 players, and clearly we didn't have that.

So we decided to stop pretending things might get better and pull the plug.

If you're at all familiar with the land of PernMUSHes, you should be able to guess what happens next. Old players start springing out of the woodwork, shocked, SHOCKED that the game isn't going to sit there empty, just in case they should get the urge to log in and idle. People appear claiming they would have helped, they wanted to help! People offer to run the game themselves, as if keeping it running was the part that was the problem. A LiveJournal community springs up to bitch about those mean old wizards out to spoil everyone's fun.

It's been too long since I've been involved in Pern drama. I've missed it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

00:22 ^ make some suds

We had a few hot days back in the middle spring, but the heat has finally hit here with a vengeance. It was unbearable outside for much of this weekend: in the upper 90s and with humidity between 50 and 80 percent. Not a fun time.

But it was clear and sunny and the weekend, so as a result, all the foolish people flocked north or to the beach, leaving the movie theatres and the streets around here more empty than usual. Saturday afternoon we took advantage of this by going to see Batman and arriving only 5 minutes before the previews began -- yet we were still able to snag prime seats. Had it been raining, this would have been impossible.

ObBatman: Wow! I was so impressed by this movie. I think we can all agree that the last 2 Batman movies have sucked donkey (Nipples? Smirkboy? These things are best forgotten.) And the previews for this one really didn't thrill me. In fact, I had been considering giving it a pass entirely until people started talking about how good it had been. At that point I decided to give it a shot, albeit with reservations and lukewarm enthusiasm. But it was good. So very good. I actually bought Bale in the role, something I don't always do with him, and the supporting cast (even the psycho's fiancee) was excellent.

Sunday, I went over to mom's house to help her deal with some paperwork. On the way, at her request, I stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase some of these for the pool. For most of the ride to her house, the thermometer in my car was reading over 100 (having climbed from the mid-90s when I left the house) and the temperature even with the seabreeze near her house was not much better. So into the pool we went and Oh. My. God. these water hammock things are AMAZING. Unlike your normal floating raft, these don't attempt to support you flat on the surface of the water, but like a hammock, bend down so that the majority of your body is submerged -- and remains cool. They are really comfortable.

After that we looked at her bill for J2's college, tried to sell her mutual fund but failed due to the fact that J1 had signed her up for Vanguard online access and she failed to tell me this before we got ourselves locked out of the website, and copied the pictures from her digital camera onto the computer. This latter she had never done before, and thus the pictures on the camera's two memory cards dated back to 2003. I also showed her how to hook it up to the tv so she could view the pictures in a very large format.

Then it thundered, and when I went home, the temperature had gone down about 20 degrees. But it was hot again today.

Friday, June 24, 2005

14:39 ^ make some suds

And you all thought mpreg was just something made up by fangirls.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

20:32 ^ make some suds

So they've decided on their preferred plan for fixing all of the tunnel leaks at the Big Dig.

Instead of taking out the damaged wall and building a new one, instead of adding a second wall to reinforce the defective first wall, they have chosen a third alternative: duct tape.

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v6 : dirty laundry
Image capped from Akage no An episode 6. I had been intending to do a non-anime, non-manga layout, but I also didn't really want to do one with real people. And just a design or flowers seemed... dull. So I spent a long while searching through children's books and online for decent pictures. I may still use one of those ideas later, but for now I settled on Anne.

In the ragbag
v1 (but i don't speak german):
Shigemitsu Hashiba and Toshiro "Toshi-chan" Sawada, Shoten-style. Blue, white, and oddly frilly.
v2 (now where did i put that banana?):
Keiji Sasaki, from CLAMP's doujinshi days and more recently, Leeza Sei's Combination. Tsuzuku Imonoyama's boy--er, mantoy. The joke has to do with a scene from the Shoten special doujinshi, but is kind of amusing (to me at least) even if you don't know that. The particular image was from the cover of the F(A/U)N book.
v3 (let forth your inner bitch):
I swear I was going to do a non-CLAMPish layout, but then this sort of happened. Next time I'll do better. Utako Ohkawa from 20 Mensou ni Onegai in the middle of a hissy fit. With the Care Bears font!
v4 (hoshi ni negai o):
My first non CLAMP layout. Lupin, from the doujinshi "A Long Ago..." by the circle "Hoshizora Majutsu Ryou" (Though I'm not positive on that circle name.) Isn't he cute in his pjs? Really my first serious attempt at coloring with the computer. (Previous efforts were abandoned.)
v5 (insomnia):
Back to the CLAMP layouts... and continuing with the pajama theme. Damn, I am in a rut. A better title for this would be "procrastination", but Kenpi, like me, prefers to think of it the other way. It sounds so much less lazy.

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