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Disney Pics - 8:42AM, 2004/03/26

So, a while ago, I finally updated the front page layout. It had only taken me a year and a half of good intentions to get it done. It unfortunately uses tables for the positioning instead of the currently approved CSS, but that is something I’ll deal with when I have more time.

Not linked from that page, but residing at the domain, I’ve uploaded pictures from our January trip. As anyone going to view them will notice, I started off by attempting to rename the image files to give a hint as to their content. I realized, however, that doing so, unless I had some sort of naming scheme, would cause them to list out of chronological order — which, to me, was more confusing than clicking on something called DCS0134.jpg. The pictures are very weakly culled: I deleted everything that was absolutely unviewable, but there are not a few repetitious or very poor shots still contained among the files.

Among the photos are images of several strange or amusing things we saw during our stay. It appears I did NOT get a picture of the Dwarfslash ornament, which is a real pity.

o If Johnny Depp played Captain Hook…
o Tigger looks WAY too happy.
o … as does Mickey.
o Seriously, what the hell were they thinking with this?
o Who the heck is fake Sirius?
o Strong Bad’s cameo appearance.