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Pittsburgh - 10:33AM, 2006/08/11

I went to Pittsburgh in the middle of July for the on-campus part of my online courses.

It was a pretty good trip, though it was ridiculously hot there (a trend which unfortunately continued at home through much of last week) and my hotel did not have free internet in the guest rooms.

As a result, I did not once turn on the television in my room. Not once.

Anyway, since it was so very hot and by the time classes were done for the day I was tired and just wanted to lie around in an air conditioned space, I did not actually go out to see much of Pittsburgh beyond the Oakland area where the University is located. Also at the time, I had our new camera, but only a v. v. tiny memory card, so I could only take 7 pictures at a time. When I finally upload them, I’ll write a bit more about the small amount of stuff I did see on my visit.

What I did do was eat at a different restaurant for every meal that I actually ate, and though I did hit Arby’s, Panera and Starbucks, I didn’t actually repeat any restaurants, during the visit and I tried to stay away from chains as much as I could. A college is a natural breeding ground for random places to eat, and since my hotel was quite some distance (about a mile) from where class was held, I got to walk past them all twice a day. More about the food later, too.

And, ha ha, more about the classes later, too. I may actually investigate WordPress’s ability to lock entries for that one. The experience was good, for the most part, I just have some opinions on a few topics which I think I’d rather not have indexed in a search engine…