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Not the problem - 8:38AM, 2004/06/30

Tomorrow is the day I officially start my month o’ sequential posts. But I’ve made a resolution to make a real effort to do things as I think of them and not put them off until later, as I am wont to do. Procrastination with me isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s as frustrating for me as it is for everyone else.

So I was thinking of posting, and thus: a post. (I also thought of taking a vitamin, another task I often put off until later and then forget about.)

Perhaps what I really need to do is find one of those 20 questions memes and fill it out, because it seems like what I lack is direction. I may end up resorting to that to flesh out an entry (or three, or four…) during the month of July, so I guess I’ll refrain from it now.

One of the reasons I want to try and post once a day is to get myself used to writing on a regular basis, rather than just in fits and spurts, or on the game. It’s not that I really want to be a writer, exactly, but I do have some story ideas that I would like to be disciplined enough to get down onto paper at some point — because, to repeat myself, it’s not that I don’t write either. Even excluding technical documentation for work, emails, this blog, or informational documentation for online games, I have written a massive quantity in the past 9 years. My RP Logs folder, which contains about 90% of the activity from all my characters, is currently 31.5 MB in size. All of the logs are gzipped, which compresses them to about 25% their normal size, so unzipped they would be approximately 120MB. Further reducing the amount of text I actually contributed — it must be less than half, but not much less, since most of the scenes I’m in are usually 2-4 participants, I personally wrote about 40MB worth.

Compare that to the folder in which I have ALL of the writing I did in Junior High, High School, and my First Year required writing class at Wellesley — the folder of which the size is 614KB.

No, not writing is not the problem. It’s definitely a combination of procrastination and a lack of motivation.