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The New (Improved?) Blogger - 11:23PM, 2003/06/27

Well, it appears I’ve been moved to the New Blogger.

I must say that on first glance it appears to a) look pretty much like the old blogger and b) suck as much as the old blogger.

Because, of course, they’ve lost my template, which means who the hell knows when this will get published. Either I will give in and reconstruct the template, or they will give in and restore my missing information. Who has the greater willpower? We shall find out!


Now, in other news, I went to the movies today and saw Alex & Emma and Charlie’s Angels 2. Both were good (but not great) for different reasons. I will not be reviewing them further than that because the trailers pretty much tell you exactly what you’re going to see. You want to see a romantic comedy about a dude writing a book? Go see Alex & Emma. You want to see hot chicks jumping around and things blowing up? Go see Charlie’s Angels. Or wait for Tomb Raider.

On the way home I went to Borders, which I hadn’t been to before as the B&N is slightly more convenient.

Borders: Large graphic novel section, two full bookcases on both sides.
B&N: Has a little cardboard stand.

Borders: The children’s section is completely disorganized with all the books thrown haphazardly together in no particular order.
B&N: The children’s section is neatly arranged with recognizeable genres and labelled cases.

Borders: Has two floors.
B&N: Looks like it has two floors from the outside but this is actually a big FAKE OUT.

So, it looks like they both have pros and cons. The Mystery & SF sections appear similar in both.

But that was not the exciting thing I discovered while I was in there. I found out that they are republishing TRIXIE BELDEN. Pardon me, but OMFG. TRIXIE BELDEN!! Random 50s Nancy Drew ripoffs, I love you! Trixie Belden, The Bobbsey Twins, The Happy Hollisters — everything but the Hardy Boys! I got the first Trixie book when I was seven or eight, and I remember reading it and thinking how OLD and GROWN UP Trixie was. I would NEVER be 13. That was positively ancient.

And now they’re back. XD XD #1 and #2 are out in hardcover for only $7/each. I see #3 and #4 are scheduled for next month. I’m hoping they manage to get through the whole series (there’s 38). *so excited* The cashier girl was surprised to see them herself. She went “Trixie Belden!” and I went “I know!”