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London Trip: Day 7 - 11:59PM, 2005/02/28

Our plane was due to leave late in the afternoon, so we figured we needed to be at Heathrow by 1pm. Which meant we wanted to be heading for the airport around noon.

Rather than waste the whole day at the airport, we decided to try and pack the morning as full as we could manage. We got up and packed our stuff up, then left it at the front desk while we headed down to the station for a trip to Harrod’s. Amazingly, we actually arrived before the shop was even open, so popped across the street to get ourselves something for breakfast.

Once it was open, we went inside and began to browse around. Of course, almost everything at Harrod’s is way out of our price range, but aside from the usual department store stuff, they have a large food emporium and a small bookstore. We spent a long time browsing around in the candy department, looking for souveniers for people and some snacks for ourselves. After picking up some interesting looking chocolates and a box of Turkish Delight (rose and lemon flavor), we escalatored ourselves up to the bookstore and looked around in there. The bookstore, unlike the candy selection, wasn’t anything special.

We left and walked back toward the hotel via the V&A Museum. There had been signs for an exhibit starting the day after we visited, and the advertisements were eyecatching enough that I was curious to see.

To make a long story short, it wasn’t really worth seeing. It was an interesting concept — that current fashion is constantly influenced by the past, and things we thought long gone continue to return in new forms. But the exhibit itself was not very illuminating and I felt it really let down the topic.

After that we quickly returned to the hotel and collected our stuff, then made our way out to Heathrow. Nothing of huge note happened there; we got through security in record time and were left with a lengthy wait for our plane. So we ended up spending a lot of money on food in the airport pub and on some more chocolate which we found in the next door sweet shop.

Our flight home was likewise unexciting: I watched two movies and otherwise just lounged around. After finding our luggage back at Logan, we came to the final leg of our journey — traversing the T back to Alewife to pick up our car. I was filled with trepidation lest our car had been towed after being in the parking garage for a week. But my fears were unfounded: it was still there awaiting our arrival, and we paid and left the garage without incident.