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Yet Another Who Watch - 12:38PM, 2009/05/24

A lot of people have been working on watching through all of the old Who serials. And as it turns out, I’m one of them. It’ll probably be slow going.

An Unearthly Child
So here we meet Susan, who is supposedly 15, and her teachers, who are probably supposed to be in their late 20s or early 30s. We also meet the Doctor, who is actually a dick. Through a combination of dickishness and idiocy, the whole group ends up somewhere in the middle of a caveman ice age. The action plot is really not all that interesting. The characters are moreso. As it turns out, I hadn’t ever seen this episode so it was a first viewing for me — as will be a lot of One, Two and Three episodes. From fan speculation I had been privy to, I thought it wasn’t clear that Susan and the Doctor really are relatives, but that is not the case. The Doctor in this episode isn’t likeable at all, and seems to have very little interest in or experience with Earth and Earthlings. Susan’s presentation was interesting; an intelligent, adventurous grandson might have taken over focus eventually but the fact that she is a girl seems to put her on the same level as him as an older man.