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What’s the big idear? - 1:09PM, 2004/10/29

Let’s get this straight: I’ve spent almost all of my life living in New Hampshire, and the state that comes in second after that one is Massachusetts. So while I consider that my own accent is existant but mild, my ears are accustomed to your standard Boston, North Shore, Down East, etc. accents. I might even go so far as to describe some of them as quaint, charming or pleasant. They are certainly familiar.

But there is NOTHING that grates on my nerves more than the ridiculous habit of people to attach an ‘r’ sound to the end of a word where there should not be one. The most commonly offended words being ‘area’ and ‘idea’.

Which is why I was so very very sorry to hear John Kerry saying idear all over the place in his speeches.

But I’m willing to sacrifice my nerves to put up with it for four years, thank you.

ObLink: I was reminded I hadn’t ranted about this in a semi-permanent way by this amusing Slate article.