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A long slog - 11:08PM, 2002/08/29

This has been such a long week.

A brief summary:

Monday: Work.
Tuesday: Work in the morning, lame ass orientation in the afternoon. Discover that lo, there is a department orientation on Wed that they never told me about.
Wednesday: Apologise profusely to boss for skipping out on work, but go to department orientation. Useful things accomplished: parking sticker and ID acquired. Spoke to adviser and can now register for classes. Come home to find AT&T is having a mental breakdown and cable is down. Eventually it comes back up. Register.
Thursday: Go in to work 2 hours early to try and make up for missing last 1.5 days. But must leave at 11 to take Japanese placement test. Spend time stuck in inexplicable traffic jam and looking for parking space. Take test. Manage to get into second year class even though suck at interviews. Go back to work. Stay late trying to make up for missing 1.5 days and being gone so long at lunch.
Friday: too tired to think about it.

I, too, noticed that was down. Luckily(?) I happen to know the sysadmin’s livejournal address. But there was no good news to find there. The entire site is down until next week because the machine died.