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2003 In Review - 10:15PM, 2003/12/31

January: got married
February: started trying to lose weight, started looking for a condo
March: closed on condo, had gall bladder removed
April: uh. What happened in April? Michelle visited…
May: Moved.
June: I don’t think anything happened in June.
July: Or July. (Though it was my birthday.)
August: Michelle visited again. Blackout at grandma’s.
September: school started again
October: another bland month
November: still more nothing
December: visited Wisconsin, finished the semester without going mad

2003 rating: better than average

* Lost 40 lbs
* no longer renting
* got married (we put it off for so long… yeah, it’s an accomplishment :))

Goals for 2004:
* lose another 40 lbs, so the doctor no longer makes frowny faces at me
* finish masters’ project
* finish the bloody downstairs bathroom
* redo the upstairs bathroom
* be more outgoing on mailing lists and in making comments online