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Minor update - 10:35AM, 2003/04/22

Jun has gone home.
The basement is now painted “Weeping Wisteria”.
The cranberry (aka “Burnt Tile”) color for the living room worked out much better the second time.
Pulling staples out of the floor with needlenose pliers will give you hand cramps.

In other news, went to Anime Boston on Friday with Thea, Jun, and J. Jun and J were so kind as to register me when they went through the godawful line so when I got there, I didn’t have to do anything but put on my badge.

Bought a Sai clock in the Dealers’ room, then we attempted to find something to do. But the video rooms weren’t showing anything interesting and most of the panels seemed rather dull, so we headed off to Au Bon Pain because neither Thea nor I had eaten anything yet. [Caught a glimpse of several people, Bina included, but as there was a long line and as they were heading to other parts of the restaurant did not get a chance to say hi.] Ate. Went back to con. Sat in Karaoke room and listened to Thea take her turn. Collected E and Carl from conops and headed to Finale with them and Megazone.

Finale = v. good. Mmm. Molten chocolate. Would have been better if I’d remembered to tell them to give me almond rather than coffee ice cream, but only a minor quibble.

After returning to the con once more, we went up to the karaoke contest, where it seemed Thea had already had her turn. Waited while several other people went. Felt pity for the poor lone staffer running the thing. Felt more pity when the teenage fangirls who made up the bulk of the contestants started complaining that “the website said we got to sing TWO songs”. Left. Determined that 1) the AMV contest was going to be packed like sardines because nothing else good was scheduled opposite. 2) we did not care to be packed like sardines. 3) We did not care to sit around for an hour to see if the yaoi panel would be at all interesting (of which we had doubts.)


Got home. Watched R1 Spirited Away DVD. (verdict: not bad, but there were typos in the subtitles. Very strange.) Watched R1 Castle in the Sky DVD. (verdict: Now we know where the idiots who timed and scripted the Kizuna DVD have gone.)

Didn’t go back the other two days. Am iffy about next year; will have to see if their schedule improves. At least at most conventions there are panels that /sound/ interesting to me, even if I don’t go to them. AB verdict, based on Friday night: 5/10. The con was sufficiently well organized, but… it was kind of boring.