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Productivity at an all time low - 5:43AM, 2003/08/13


So it is now mid-August.

I have done… well, let’s just say, very little on the list of what I wanted to get done this summer.

I hate it. Why am I not productive? It’s like I get into this zone where the effort of thinking about everything I have to do exhausts me so that I cannot actually do any of it. So I just sit and sit and sit and it becomes more and more difficult to start.

Because I know if I got started, I could probably get a good amount accomplished in a day or two.

Except I’m off to visit my grandmother tomorrow for a few days, then next week I leave for Shoujocon. So there is much less time than it appears by looking at the calendar.

So, must do something -now-.

The question is -what-.