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Totally biased reviews of television shows, movies, books, products, or anything else we might get our hands on. Tired of good movies getting bad reviews, while anything with Jim Carrey or Leonardo DiCaprio gets an absolutely glowing appraisal? We review things from a geek slant, an otaku slant, and yes, even a feminine slant. (Well, even hermies have a feminine side.)

Cybersix: Alternative Anime
by J. Andrews

Cybersix is pseudo-anime for those needing a fix. Find out more about this series by reading more.

Rivals in Only ONE Thing
by K. Butler

This episode makes it absolutely clear that Nelvana intends to remove any and all evidence of crushing from this series. Read more...

In Search of a Book
by K. Butler

Theorizing that one could write the same book twice in a decade, author Michael Crichton comes out with Timeline. Read more...

On Teen Slasher Flicks
by J. Dunbar

As a geek, I demand certain things from my movies. I want good characterization, a good plot, and a climax that doesn't disappoint. Read more...

Sailor Moon S Episode 17 - Censorship no Kizuna! Uranus no Tooi Cousin
by J. Andrews

This episode goes horribly, horribly wrong. We knew it would. Once Amara and Michelle were made into cousins, the fate of this episode was sealed. Read more...

Book-Buying Online
by J. Andrews

Some people stick to one online bookstore, but they're not making the most economic choice when they do so. Read more...

On Trackers
by J. Andrews

Trying to find a good way to track our site has been difficult. My first stop was Tripod. I figured since they were hosting the site, they'd be able to track it most efficiently and effectively. Read more...

Sailor Moon S Episode 21 - Cousin Tachi no Shi? Acting Shutsugen
by J. Andrews

Overall, I thought this episode was very, very good. They changed
a few things [...] but other things were a lot closer to the original
than they had been.

On Search Engines
by J. Andrews

The progress made on submitting Flaming Geeks to search
engines.

Big Brother Isn't the Only One Watching
by J. Andrews

So the premise of Big Brother is they stick 10 strangers in a
house with 28 cameras and make them live there for 3 months.

Farscape - Home on the Remains
by J. Dunbar

The good, the bad, and the ugly of this episode. Read more...

Cardcaptors Episode 1 - Tori! Tori! Tori!
by K. Butler

Cardcaptors premiered on June 17th on the KidsWB. They started with
episode 8, the episode where Li arrives, to support the renaming of the show
to 'Cardcaptors' and to try and draw in that key 4th grade boy demographic.

Sailor Moon S Episode 3 - Suteki na Hunkasaurus! Haruka's Downfall
by J. Andrews

This episode was entitled Driving Dangerously. Why? I have no clue.
Oh, the monster of the day was a car, but since when were they actually
dangerous? Anyway, in this episode we meet the alter-egos of the
new Sailor Soldiers.

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