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Cybersix: Alternative Anime
by J. Andrews

Cybersix was first a comic published in Spanish in Argentina. It's available in Canada in French, but I don't believe there's an English version out yet. Cybersix is now a cartoon, airing in the US on FoxKids in a Saturday morning timeslot. The cartoon is a Canadian/Japanese co-production so the show can be classified as pseudo-anime.

The premise, as far as I can gather, is Cybersix is the sole survivor of an experiment. She's either an android, a genetically enhanced human, or some combination of the two. Data 7, a black panther, is also similarly created. Together they fight their arch-nemesis, a bratty little genuis kid. The kid is overseen by his father and is trying hard to please him. One of the cool bits of the show is that Cybersix's alterego is a male professor. Take that, Superman! Not only does she don glasses, but she crossdresses to.

The show's feel very much reflects its origins. Some of the names, and I suspect, the character designs, are Spanish/Argentinian. The background art and the animation itself is very Japanese. And the sound effects and voices are very Canadian.

Some of the voice actors have done work in anime dubs such as Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, Monster Rancher, Ranma 1/2, and Escaflowne. Cybersix's voice actor is Shampoo, Lucas' (Cybersix's friend and semi-love interest) is Kami, and Julian's is Genki.

So anime fans should like this series for a number of reasons: the anime elements in the art, the anime-like themes that show up in some episodes, the voice actors, and Cybersix's crossdressing. (Remember, kiddies, it's okay to crossdress on North American cartoons so long as you're a girl.)

The show is clearly a "super-hero" show, meaning most of the episode is taken up by fight scenes, but there are some interesting plots and character interactions that make it worth watching. If you're looking for new anime to watch on TV, give this show a try. It's not strictly anime, but it's fairly close.

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