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Ep. 21 - Cousin tachi no shi? Acting shutsugen.
(Death of the Cousins? Acting Appears.)
by J. Andrews

The Cloverway title for today's episode is "Destiny's Arrival". Overall, I thought this episode was very, very good. They changed a few things, and I'll get to that, but other things were a lot closer to the original than they had been. I wish all the episodes were this good.

In the opening scene, Michelle is telling Amara about a dream she had that she couldn't stop thinking about. Amara tells her, "I noticed." She noticed, huh? It sure sounded to me like that meant they shared a bed. Since when do cousins do that?

That scene and a following scene in their apartment, commonly called "the hand scene" were pretty good. Not exact to the original, but not horribly twisted either. Since these scenes contained no mention of them being cousins, it even looked like they were very close friends. Even koibito.

Eudial later ruins the illusion by calling Neptune and Uranus cousins a couple of times, but I'll forgive her. She bites it in this episode anyway. As has been happening more and more lately, the senshi were referred to as Scouts again. Lesigh.

The Messiah is mentioned for the first time. In the original series, the Messiah had been mentioned in lots of episodes before this one. Of course they couldn't actually use the term Messiah. Probably Savior would've gotten them into trouble too. But where they pulled the term they actually used out of, I do not know. Once they get their "purity chalice", a person will appear called The Ambassador of Good.

How can you not laugh at that? Well, at least it still makes some sort of sense. Unlike Setsuna's new name. She gets to keep her last name, Meiou, as Tenou and Kaiou got to keep theirs in episode 19 (108). For her first name, we were all figuring it was surely going to be Susan. Susan is very close to Setsuna after all. We felt sure it was at least going to begin with an S. Boy were we wrong. We were expecting some sort of sense from these people. She's Trista. Trista Meiou. It's possible I have the spelling wrong, since these episodes aren't closed captioned. It could be Trysta.

Trista sounds like a little girl. I'm hoping when we hear more of her tomorrow, she doesn't sound quite so bad. Otherwise I'm going to be wishing that Reeny's voice was doing Pluto.

The two things I was greatly cheering were Uranus and Neptune's attacks and transformations. For the first time, Uranus and Neptune both used the word "Planet" in their transformation rather than "Star". "Uranus Planet Power" and "Neptune Planet Power". It was wonderful to hear that. And for the first time, Neptune said her attack correctly. "Deep Submerge" rather than "Neptune Deep Submerge". Uranus also said her attack correctly, but she had done that once or twice in random episodes before this.

The acting wasn't too bad. This is a phenomenal episode in the original, so they couldn't hope to match that, but they did pretty good. I found myself thinking that maybe, just maybe, the voice actors had seen this episode in the original. I swear I even heard Neptune once pronounce Uranus as "Uranusu".

Cloverway, please give us more episodes like this. And if you could find it within yourselves to stop calling them cousins every other line, I would greatly appreciate it.

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