Flaming Geeks

On Search Engines
By J. Andrews

When this site was first set up, I submitted it to some search engines. I wanted us to be noticed of course, and what better way? I submitted us first of all to Yahoo, Webcrawler, and Altavista. My favorite search engine right now is Google, but I couldn't easily find their submission link. Someone pointed me to it and I've since submitted us there as well.

But as of today, July 7th, several weeks after I first submitted to sites, only Altavista has us indexed. Ask Jeeves, by providing an Altavista search, also lists us.

What's surprising is a search engine I'd never heard of before, Beaucoup, lists us. It's odd that we're not first in a "flaming geeks" search, but at least we're there.

How I got Beaucoup's name is rather interesting. I use the Opera web browser and it contains a set of bookmarks. There's a whole long list of search engines and I've been going down that to hit the ones I hadn't submitted us to. So, following that, I have just now added us to Excite, Hotbot, and Infoseek. Hotbot promises 60 days, while Infoseek promises as little as 6 weeks. Oh boy!

I considered adding us to LookSmart, but they don't promise you'll be added at all, let alone soon. Now, this is true of most sites, yes, but it just seemed less likely we'd be added to this one. Okay, all right, I admit it, it's because I didn't want to waste my time going through their long submission process. It was worse than Yahoo's.

Now, I don't remember whether I'd submitted us to Lycos yet or not. So since we're not there yet, I've submitted us (again). And now to Magellan. Magellan seems to be related to Excite. Oh well, as long as one of them adds us, I don't care.

Utoh. A search engine directory. Well, my attention is flagging, so I'm going to call it quits.

Make of this information what you will. I'll revisit all these sites in about a month and see how well they've done. In the meantime, tell your friends about us so we can get some more hits. And if you have a favorite search engine that I haven't mentioned, please tell us.

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