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Yuri Link List (12/6/00) Having trouble finding good shoujoai sites? Check this out. The list itself has no adult content, but the sites listed on it may. Rejoice or avoid, as per your preference. Link me up!

The Results are In! (12/6/00) FG announces that Tsukino Usagi is now President-Elect of the United States. Congratulatory food baskets are appreciated. Coming in a close second are Lady Eboshi and Relena Peacecraft. Al and George came in fourth place, narrowly beating out Vegita. New polls are here!

Feeding an Addiction (11/12/00) J. Andrews' new book shopping spree. Find out what at least one geek is reading. Maybe find some holiday gift ideas for the geek you love. Feed your own addiction!

New Shows Geeks Might Like (10/9/00) Short descriptions and reviews of a number of science fiction and fantasy shows premiering this season. Find out which are worth watching. Read more...

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Sailor Moon

Reviews, criticism and commentary on the newest 77 episodes of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon dubbed for the North American audience


Reviews, criticism and commentary on one of the newest additions to the Kids WB lineup, which was originally the mahou shoujo show Card Captor Sakura in Japan.


Reviews, criticism and commentary on Fox Kids' newest acquisition, Tenkuu no Escaflowne.


Things to get fired up about. No one guarantees they're all worthwhile.


Now what would the world be like if everything was bad? Complaining is fun, but once in a while, there's something great enough to gush over.


Things we've heard.. things we've made up.. hey, everyone loves gossip, ne?


Anything we felt the urge to give our opinion on.


Just what it sounds like. A catchall category for essays that don't really qualify to go under the other headers. The meaning of life and all that.


Stuff that doesn't really fit under any other category, but we wanted to include it anyway.


Brief (very brief) intros for the contributors to this site, as well as an archive by author.


Guestbook, polls, mailing lists and other ways to express your opinions

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