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New Shows Geeks Might Like
by J. Andrews

Dark Angel

Timeslot: Tuesday - 9pm - FOX (Opposite Angel!)

Premise: Genetically engineered kids escape the lab and grow up. Max is one of these kids. She delivers messages in a post-Pulse world, rides a motorcycle, and kicks major bad guy butt. She reluctantly works with a rich guy, in a wheelchair after the first episode, who's a hacker trying to take down the establishment. Or something like that.

Opinion: The first episode wasn't bad. There were a few cliched elements, but with enough interesting twists that it didn't come off as a cheap knock-off of anything. The first episode introduced us to Max and the world around her without being too heavy-handed about it. It's definitely worth keeping an eye on, even if it /is/ opposite Angel. That's why VCRs were invented.

Reason to Watch: Kick-butt Chick

Summary: Pretender meets Highlander: The Raven


Timeslot: Wednesday - 10:30pm - Comedy Central (After South Park)

Premise: People build robots in their garages and put them in a ring with other robots. They try to destroy each other. Two commentators make stupid commentator comments, Bill Nye inserts his two cents, and a bimbo is there for sexual innuendo.

Opinion: A very cool show for geeks. Unfortunately, it's tailored towards /male/ geeks. If you can deal with sexist commentary and too much testosterone, then it's fun to watch. If the machismo gets too much for you, just watch it with the sound off.

Reason to Watch: Ladybug bot (Tantoumushi) created and run by a 14-year old geekgirl.

Summary: Wrestling meets Demolition Derby


Timeslot: Syndicated (Check local listings or gist)

Premise: Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) and his AI starship are the last survivors of the Commonwealth. Lots of colorful aliens and wacky humans round out the cast. Lots of fight scenes to make use of Kevin Sorbo's talents and some outer space special effects stuff.

Opinion: Interesting. Some unusual aspects to this show that don't make you scream RIP-OFF, like some of us expected to. There's a fair bit of humor that will hopefully get better as the show settles into itself. A few characters that you can really get into liking.

Reason to Watch: Kevin Sorbo wielding a phallic weapon.

Summary: Star Trek as if Tapert and Raimi were at the helm.

The Immortal

Timeslot: Syndicated (Check local listings or gist)

Premise: Lorenzo Lamas is a 400 year old guy who fights demons with a katana he forged himself. He has a "squire" as old as him who helps him out and is generally Iolaus and Ritchie-like. They've hooked up with a scientist chick who created a demon detector. Flashbacks are prominent.

Opinion: Rafe Cain (the main character) is too scruffy. The effects are silly. The situations are laughable, when they're not supposed to be. This had better just be a weak start or it won't be worth watching. Still, if you like Highlander, Forever Knight, and Angel, give this show a try. It deserves at least that.

Reason to Watch: Evil Japanese chick.

Summary: Highlander meets Angel

Queen of Swords

Timeslot: Syndicated (Check local listings or gist)

Premise: Tessa Alvarado dons the guise of Queen of Swords and fights the evil alcalde and his henchmen in Spanish-run California. Lucky for her she has a hidden room at her hacienda. Sound familiar yet? She dresses in black and wears a black mask made of lace.

Opinion: The executive producer was also responsible for Highlander and Highlander: The Raven, so expect some good storylines, characters who change, and other cool stuff. The Queen of Swords is sexy in her outfit and you have to admire a chick who goes against the conventions of her day to right wrongs and triumph over evil. (Sorry about that.) In short, very cool.

Reason to Watch: Sexy chick with a sword!

Summary: Zorro with cleavage.

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