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Yuri Link List
by J. Dunbar

It has come to my attention over the past few years that there are far too few yuri fansites out there. I don't think it's right or fair that shounen ai lovers get to have all of their fun, but we shoujo ai fans have to sit by and deal with what we're given: Haruka/Michiru fansites run by closeted "straightgirls" and Xena/Gabby sites. More recently, we've gotten some halfway decent Utena sites, but yet again we're seeing them run by closeted "straightgirls".

Not that there's anything wrong with any of the beforementioned couplings, but it irks me that there aren't sites devoted to yuri/shoujo ai as a genre. Of course, if I had my way, they'd be run by women who aren't afraid of their sexual orientation. But my stupid fangirl rant is a different article, a different day. Here are a few sites that I found online that I really liked. You chibis out there need to go away, though. These sites contain material that the law deems is of an adult nature.

Sapphic Voices
This site is full of short stories, poetry, and other works of a lesbian nature. While there is no anime content here, there are some very good stories and it's a good site to get oneself lost on for a few hours. Most of the fanfic here is from Xena, with a few other live-action fandoms popping up.
WAHOO! Not only did someone REGISTER it, they're BUILDING it! I want to dance for joy! Unfortunately, they're still in the building stages, but this is a very good sign, my fellow geeks!
Team Yuri
It's a webclique. I'm hesitant to even put this on the list, honestly. I HATE webcliques. I think their very existence is insulting. It's bad enough that stupid muggle high school kids have cliques, and now the stupid muggles-masquerading-as-geeks-and-otaku are doing it online. Grr. On the good side, it is a yuri site. They do have some interesting MiSTings. And a link to the YuriML. They even seem like they're pretty smart and nice. I like it. So, they get points. They're probably the one webclique I don't want to see up against the wall when the revolution comes. ^.-
Sea Sky, Wind Water
It's a Haruka/Michiru shrine. No yuri link list would be complete without a few of these. Let's face it, people. Haruka and Michiru are probably one of the most healthy openly gay couples ever shown in any popular culture, especially in a setting where children can watch. Well, I mean, without overly sexualizing the relationship. The most we get here is holding hands and a few remarks. Oh. And the site isn't bad, either. Although I think the webperson is straight. Oh, well, I guess life isn't always perfect.
Ren-chan's Shoujo-ai/Yuri Shrine
It's cute, but small. One of the things I'm starting to like about the shoujo ai sites I'm finding is that we're not going into the overly designed world of some CLAMP sites. I don't need to hear flaky fangirls tell me why *THEY* think CLAMP uses bondage and sadism in their shounen ai relationships. I want to hear opinions where the people actually relate to the subject at hand. And this is why I like this page.
Ryoko and Aeka's Shrine of Love
Okay. I know. It's not very canon. But it's so true. And funny. And I love this site. ^_^ I honestly think that these two are so wonderful together. Who should Tenchi get, you ask? I don't know. I don't care. Tenchi's had girls all over him for years, and he still hasn't had enough initiative to at least SLEEP with one of them? I think the boy may be gay, to be honest. Either that, or he's saving himself for Sasami, which is a moot point. So. Um. Tangent. Look at the site, mkay!?
It's not a yuri site. I just think it fits here. I think that it's the job of the parent and/or the individual to keep away from pornographic material. It is not the job of the fan to tell us that what we are looking at is dirty and/or shameful. It's not. It's natural. And when we realize that, we'll live in a much happier world. Thank you.

That's all for now. Any of you who know of other yuri/shoujo ai sites, PLEASE email with the links! I'm trying to keep away from the Haruka/Michiru stuff, really. Utena sites are okay, but I'd really like to see some more unusual couples and some good general sites. I hear that there are some iffy relationships in the anime Love Hina? Send those links in! Who knows, maybe this link list will grow much larger! Won't that be WONDERFUL?

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