Weekend recap

Friday: Stayed up waaaaaaaay too late working on the staff mess. I made some progress. There is a concom meeting tonight, so I think it will be more or less resolved.

Saturday: Went to the TMBG concert. Didn’t stay for most of the other 2 performers, and apparently TMBG came back out later, but we missed it. Still, I was tired of sitting on the ground and it was getting quite crowded, so I don’t regret leaving. Got to hear them do Istanbul, Particle Man /and/ the Malcolm themesong in person, so it was worth it. I was entertained.

Sunday and Monday: These days kind of blur together for me. ^^; I think I didn’t get up early enough on either day for them to be differentiated in my mind. RPed some, watched some television, played around on some MUDs. I did not get anything which I’d hoped to get accomplished, accomplished, but at the moment I do not care. I may care later.

Tuesday: I stayed home from work because I was so very very tired. The rest of the week will be quite short, so that’s good.

I’ve also had a new shipment of books come in, and I’ve been reading through them. That is partially the reason why nothing else got done this weekend, but more it was because of my lack of motivation. When I wasn’t at work last week, I spent my time either in bed or lying on the couch like a lump. I seem to be working out of it now, having gotten some shoujocon foo done on Friday night, and keeping up with the dishes this weekend. If I can manage to fold the laundry tonight — highly probable, given the way the IRC meetings go — then I will feel more on top of things and keep the momentum going. If I can finish the +info, well, then I’ll be ahead of the game.

2 new HP doujinshi arrived today. One Marauders-era, one Weasley twins centered. I’ve only had a chance to flip through them, but they both look cute. It took me the longest time to figure out that the bajji that Percy was freaking out about was his /badge/. I have no idea. I think I was just putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable, because now that I know, it seems very obvious.

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