Southern Hold

Lord Holder: Zyrrian (NPC)

Lady Holder: Shane (NPC)

Steward: [Unnamed] (NPC)

Guard Captain: Eikichi


The IC administrators of the Hold are Lord Zyrrian and Lady Shane. They are Non-Player Characters (NPCs). There are no OOC administrators of the Hold. The wizards approve applications, add players to the knot roster, and build rooms. Players and their characters should be aware that, in most cases, they will have people they report to. All guards, for example, ICly report to Eikichi. Kitchen staff will report to the (currently NPC) head cook, and so on. All Out of Character requests, questions, and problems should be addressed to the wizards.

You're welcome to apply for any Hold position. Some suggestions are: guard, kitchen helper, stableboy/girl, laundry helper, nanny, drudge, child, auntie/uncle, or any sort of Crafter.


Lord Darshay didn't have a particularly loving marriage. His Lady's affair with the Steward, which even led to a child, prompted his resolve to never have a child of his own with her. The only child he did have was with his mistress, a daughter named Shane. Seeking to secure the Hold to his Bloodline, he ensured that Shane married well. Shane and Zyrrian were confirmed as Holders shortly after the birth of their second child and first son.

Lord Zyrrian soon gave in to his tendency to drink and his preference for any woman who was impressed with his rank and position. He and Shane continued to have many children together and are at it still. The Hold runs smoothly, with the help of Shane, the Steward, and some of the older children, now adults.


Southern Hold is the first, and so far only, Hold on the Southern Continent. It's located on the sea and sees quite a bit of trade with the North. Fruits and fish are both plentiful and exotic (to those from the North). The local vintners have created a refreshing and fruity variety of wine. The Hold is within comfortable walking distance of Southern Weyr.

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