Down Under is an invitation only/registration only mush: prior to submitting an application, every player must be invited to do so.

If you're interested, please log onto the game ( 6363) and familiarize yourself with our policies. You'll also find information on crafters, riders, dragons, and dolphins by logging on and typing 'news'.

For the purposes of application, there are 3 basic types of characters:

General: Average, everyday folk -- children, people with jobs that don't oversee a large number of people, apprentices, dragons and dolphins.

Middle Management: People whose jobs require a bit more training and experience. These include assistant headwomen and stewards, head cooks, guard captain, and journeyman crafters.

Specialists: People whose jobs are highly specific or require a lot of experience and/or training. These include headwomen, stewards, riders, and master crafters.

Please email completed applications to


If you have not gotten a response within 48 hours, please try contacting the wizards, as we may not have gotten the application.

Some questions may have different requirements depending on the type of character being applied for. Please be sure to answer appropriately.


1. What is the name of the character?
2. What is their age and gender?
3. Please provide a description for the character.
(Guideline: 5-20 lines is sufficient)
4. Please provide a detailed character background.
(Guideline: 10+ lines for general characters, 20+ for middle management, 30+ for specialists)
5. (Specialists ONLY) Why would you like this type of character?
6. (Specialists and Dragons ONLY) Are you at all familiar with MUSH code? Do you understand what a robot object is and how it works? a puppet?
(NOTE: Please be honest. This question is just for informational purposes and does not affect the application one way or the other)
7. (Riders and Weyrlings ONLY) Please also provide the name, color and description of your desired dragon.

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