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Down Under is a text-based interactive roleplaying game for the world of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern. You can connect to the game by clicking on one of the above addresses (which will launch Telnet), or by using one of the many MUD/MUSH clients. For Windows, SimpleMU* is recommended. For everything else, especially Unix/Linux, try Tinyfugue.

The game's emphasis is on interesting storylines and character development. Achieving rank or acquiring a dragon should not be our players' main goals. All characters, including crafters and riders, require a short application be submitted before creation. Player dragons and player dolphins are also available. However, be aware that the game is invitation only, so it's recommended that you log in as a guest first and talk to someone before you apply. Unsolicited applications will be discarded.

History of the Game

Down Under's origins can be traced back to the original ThreadFall MUSH, founded in 1995. After an administrative split, three of the wizards and many of the players moved to a temporary home on Living Fiction MUSH under the aegis of High Pass Weyr's permission from Anne McCaffrey. When High Pass closed, the Igen area, as it was now known, sought its own permission and received it. In time, Living Fiction itself closed, and the Igen area and characters were put into suspended animation until a separate site could be obtained for play to continue. In 1998 a site was discovered. The location of focus was changed to the Southern Continent to allow for a more limited playing area, and a more detailed history was worked out for the game, encompassing both the new area and the older Igen locations. Renamed and re-constructed, Down Under opened in the fall of 1999 to go through what turned out to be an extended beta test phase. Reorganization and rethinking after that phase was complete occupied the second half of 2000 and official play was re-initiated at the end of the year.

Roleplay Locations

Open areas on the game include Southern Hold, Southern Weyr, and a joint Beastcraft/Dolphincraft Hall. We expect game play to center around Southern Hold and possibly Southern Weyr. We have no area administrators, so players should not be under the mistaken assumption that others have the job of creating Tinyplots and activities to amuse the other players. It is every player's job to come up with interesting stories for their character and others.

Character Positions

Any sort of character that exits on Pern may be applied for, with the following exceptions. Goldrider, Lord/Lady Holder, Craftmaster, Craftsecond, Tillek, Gold Dragon. Some suggestions, though this is by no means exhaustive, are: Crafters of all sorts, Guards, Kitchen Workers, Drudges, Riders, Dragons, Dolphins, Stablehands, Children, and Old Aunties/Uncles.

Please pay attention to the additional questions on the application for riders, dragons, dolphins, and mid->high ranking characters. Certain (in character) age restrictions apply for some positions.

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