The end of Ramona

Ramona Forever (Ramona-Henry #13)
Ramona Forever picks up pretty much right after Age 8 leaves off, taking us through the latter half of Ramona’s third grade year of school. As before, this is a period of change for the Quimby family: her father is finishing school and looking for a teaching job, her mother is pregnant (which really makes me wonder about the Quimby parents somehow), her cat is in questionable health, and her aunt may be marrying a man Ramona dislikes. Another Ramona book in much the same vein as the others, this one has an interesting ending where the Quimby parents must make some tough choices as they deal with their sort of irresponsible decision to have a third child while their finances are so sketchy.

Ramona’s World (Ramona-Henry #14)
Henry Huggins, the first book in this series, was first published in 1950. Ramona’s World, currently the final volume in the series, was first published in 1999. The fifty years in between made a huge number of changes in the world (though perhaps not quite as many which would impact a 9 year old as the decade that followed), but they press lightly on the world of Ramona. Ramona enters fourth grade here and we start to see her make more connections with the girls in her class, something she had not done before. The volume doesn’t attempt to wrap everything up in the manner of a final book, but it does give Ramona some emotional growth by the end. The same can’t be said for poor Henry Huggins, who, aside from a brief mention three or four books ago is completely absent from the latter part of the series he started.

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