Dear Deluded Wannabes American Voters

Congratulations! You’ve managed to elect more Republicans! Because they have a plan for the economy. This is true! They plan to jigger around the laws and taxes to make themselves and their friends as rich as possible. Won’t that be fun!

The rest of us

PS. Did you really think they liked you? Sorry, but their friends (you know, the ones they’ll make rich) do not actually include the likes of you. They were just using you for your pool car hot sister beer votes


  1. E:

    At least Mass maintained the status quo for around here for a bit, although repealing the sales tax on alcohol is just odd. Necessity? Really?

    Looks like Meg Whitman’s money couldn’t get her a governorship.

    Looks like they got the House and not the Senate, so there’s still a split.

    Let’s see how many state jobs they cut saying it will result in more jobs. That tactic really made me scratch my head.

    (November 3rd, 2010 at 5:02 am)
  2. K:

    The whims of voters will never cease to amaze me, honestly.

    I just cannot understand how people think they can really get something for nothing. When you cut the state and national budget by cutting taxes, well surprise surprise, your essential services start to suck! It’s not rocket science.

    (November 3rd, 2010 at 1:11 pm)