This blog has been spluttering along for the past what, three years now, with hardly any posts or content. Once in a while I’ll manage to throw something up here, but a one off is hardly useful, is it?

I thought about trying to post every day, but that’s hardly likely to occur, and the first time I missed I’d be discouraged and either cheat by backdating or, more likely, give it up altogether and have several more months of nothing.

So a more reasonable goal is to post a certain number of times this coming year. Considering I only had 33 posts last year, it’ll hardly be difficult to outdo myself. 200 seems like a doable number, so that is the goal: 200 posts over the next year, only one of which can be a post where I claim to have nothing to post.

* * *

Last year I managed to read 110 books. Considering the pathetic months of July and September, this is pretty remarkable. Considering 38 were manga and at least a dozen more were either picture books, graphic novels or for children, this is less remarkable.

No goals on this, however; it’s hard to predict how much time I’ll have available to read, and of course, if I were counting everything, the number would be about 500, 300 of which would be Princess Baby or Dr. Seuss’s ABC.

I would like to make some progress on my long procrastinated newbery medal project. If I can get another dozen of those done this year I’ll consider it to have been good progress.

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