When we first went to the Opera House last fall to see The Lion King, one of my first thoughts was that it seemed the perfect place to stage Phantom of the Opera. The atmosphere of the place just seemed right for the piece. So as soon as we heard that Phantom was coming, we jumped at the chance to buy some tickets. And since our Lion King seats had been a bit high up in the mezzanine, we were careful to get some much further front this time.

I had never seen the musical Phantom before I went to see the movie last month. What I had seen were movie adaptations of the story, and I was quite familiar with the plotline. Unfortunately, I think the movie had something which this production lacked. Volume, for one, which was a problem for us throughout the evening and was likely a result of our location — the direct projection of the actors being to the Orchestra seats, and the speakers being aimed at the people sitting above and behind us. There were also some minor changes in the movie script, which, after seeing both the musical and the movie, I must conclude were smart to make. They tied together certain plot elements that were poorly supported in the musical and improved the story by making it more coherent. So, I guess I’d give this version a 6/10. It was good, but not knock you down good. It probably improved after they’d had more than a couple chances to perform it there.

Before going to the movie we had dinner at Shabu-zen. The meal was good, the first time I’d actually had real shabu shabu. The highlight of dinner was the Mishima beef, which I’d been dying to try ever since I first saw the Mishima Beef Battle on Iron Chef 5 years ago. It was goooooooood. And expensive. And I’ll stop now before I make myself hungry.

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