Bad Employee

My mom… sometimes I wonder about her.

We were in the car yesterday and the conversation went something like this:

K: Yeah, Lexington is like that [like Exeter, NH] too. The downtown is really cute and I always said to myself I need to go and walk around there… but I never have.
Mom: Oh, Lexington… when I was in high school, I used to work at the cleaners there.
K: Oh?
Mom: Yeah. I would let everyone I knew clean their stuff and not charge them.
Mom: Except Florence. [Her stepmother]. I would tell her how much it was and then take her money and keep it.
Mom: Then I’d put her clothes in and sneak them out later, all clean.
K: !!!
K: And they never noticed?
Mom: Oh, they trusted me to open and close the place and things, you know.
K: Apparently they shouldn’t have!
Mom: *just giggles*

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