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Rant - Deluded Websites
By J. Dunbar

Disclaimer: You may find this offensive. That's your choice. I don't care. If you have problems with this, and wish to refute what I say in an adult, human sort of way, feel free. I do not accept Bible quotes, or flames. Should I recieve any, they are subject to being put up and mocked. Thank you.

This is a list of websites run by people who...well...just don't seem to have their clues. Maybe they were born without them. I've got several. Take two, they don't weigh much! In no particular order:

The Home Maker's Corner -*- It doesn't seem like such an evil title, does it? After all, there are many women choosing to be stay-at-home mom's these days, and that's perfectly noble. This, however, is just--overboard. This site is run by a very conservative Christian organization of some sort that believes that the woman's place is in the home. Within the depths of this incredibly ill-organized site are pages condemning such literary dangers as Anne of Green Gables and Little Women. Look out, Harry Potter! It looks like Anne Shirley and Jo March are on your tail!

The !dangly sisterhood -*- My personal distaste for this particular anime clique stems from the fact that I am the one who coined the joke '!dangly'. Those of you not in the know, !dangly is a phallic gag based on a certain kind of code in which the ! before a word makes the meaning the opposite. So saying that you're !happy means that..well..you're not happy. So anyhow, the joke gets passed around the net, and a group of flaky anime fangirls (see my definition in the geek definition post) decides to take it and use it for their own. When do the originators of this joke find out? Months later, accidentally surfing over it while looking for something completely different. My response? Let's just say that I no longer have any form of respect for those that created this clique. For those interested, the original joke was about a screenshot of Tamahome. He had just fallen off of a bed and he was upside down with a blanket over him. There was something in a frame that was definitely NOT his knee. In fact, it was a !dangly. This joke was much funnier when it wasn't being plagiarized by flakes.

Flaming Geeks -*- What? Huh? Just making sure that you're still paying attention!

Cousin Couples -*- I'm just frightened here. People try to justify anything these days. While this site doesn't make me NEARLY as miffed as the first two, I'm mildly bothered by it. I consider myself to be a fairly open minded person, but upon trying to wrap my poor brain around this one, I'm considering calling myself a freak of nature and just saying that I've got my own brand of sexual conservatism. I think that part of my disgust stems from the fact that--well--none of my cousins are what you would call particularly desirable..well, there's the 11 year old boy that my sister and I are training to be a bishounen, but that's got nothing to do with attraction. We just always wanted our own pet Ijyuin Akira.

ISM - Ice Sailor Moon -*- I have nothing wrong with sites that talk about how they dislike something that I happen to be fond of, as long as said sites are well-organized and bring up valid points. I find it refreshing to have other points of view than my own introduced to me. Having said that, there is little good I can say about this particular page. Not only is it ugly, it's childish and sparse. (I should talk..) The only positive thing I can really say is that..well..there's no popup images.

Fairywings.com -*- There is one reason this page is on this list. Whoever runs it sells really beautifully made costume pieces. I have absolutely nothing wrong with the design or what they sell. So what is my problem? This subpage: http://www.fairywings.com/info.html -- now, it's true that I don't know if this chick is serious. However. This is just an example of why pagans/goths/whatever irk me just as badly as Christian conservatives. These two groups have more in common than one might think--both are annoying, unyielding, and untruthful when it comes to what they truly believe. Oh, and both groups believe that magic exists. Whatever.

Part 2 to come shortly.

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